Today we bring you review of yet another cool accessory that you can use with any Android or iOS device, the SnapRemote wireless camera remote. Snap Remote comes with an App available via Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Snap Remote helps taking photos without even touching your phone or tablet.

Snap Remote Wireless Camera Remote for Android and iOS

Snap Remote is a portable camera remote that can easily fit in your pocket, it comes with a stand for your smartphone so you can place your phone on stand and then click photos with ease. The remote is made of plastic with two button on front and an LED indicator. Among the two buttons one is the shutter release to click photos and the other is to reverse switch to swap between front and rear camera. The stand that comes along with the Snap Remote has a slot to house that stand so you don’t have to carry the stand separately.

An Android phone on Snap Remote Stand

Snap Remote from ThumbsUp works only with the Snap Remote app which is available for Android and iOS from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Installing the app on your device accesses the microphone, while pressing the shutter release button or camera swap button releases a sound that triggers the app to either capture photo or swap front/rear camera. As the Snap Remote app is triggers with the sound released by the remote, therefore in noisy surroundings the remote fails to work and does not capture images. The remote is handy and very useful if using it at places with less noise in the surroundings.

As of the Snap Remote app, it offers several camera options including Flash On/Off/Auto, Timer (2s and 10s), Camera Grid, and Camera Swap button. At the bottom of the app screen you have option to view the latest photo clicked via the app, camera shutter and the Facebook integration button using which you can share your photos with your friends on Facebook. Snap Remote is equipped with a CR2032 button cell lithium battery.

Overall, the Snap Remote is a good thing to be added to your collection of Android or iPhone accessories. It works great at places with less noise and hardly works in noisy surrounding. Would you like to own the Snap Remote for Android and iOS?

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