StealthGenie, Mobile Spy App

Raising your kids is not an easy job and handling your employers will always be even more challenging. If you are a responsible parent or a competent entrepreneur who is looking for mobile spy software to find out what’s going on in their absence then StealthGenie mobile spy will offer you with all the advanced features that you have ever needed to spy on your kids or employees.


Bug their Phone with StealthGenie

One of the amazing features that StealthGenie offers is the option to listen to target phone’s surroundings. You only need to send a command through your online StealthGenie Control Panel to start recording the surroundings of target phone at any point of time. All the recordings will be transferred to your personal StealthGenie account that you can access from anywhere using an internet connection.

Why you need to Bug their Phone?

Your kids might have been bunking school lately to attend parties or what not. It is a very common tradition of telling your parents that you want to visit a friend’s home and sneak out somewhere else from there. On the other hand your employees can also set up a meeting with your rivals secretively. So, by listening to their phone surroundings you can easily find what they have been cooking up? And stop them before it’s too late.

Easy to Buy

As the packages are well-defined, it is very easy to choose the package that will be most suitable for you and go ahead with it. The user stays confusion free and knows what exactly is he paying for? It helps to further narrow down or broaden your needs regarding the features that you wish to spy on. This mobile spy app costs you just $8.33 at a minimum to spy on any target phone.

Ensures Anonymity

StealthGenie is trusted by 100,000 users worldwide because of its discreet nature. It works in complete stealth mode and never reveals itself on the target phone. The user stays completely unaware of StealthGenie as it doesn’t interfere with any program on the target phone and doesn’t even affect the working of smartphone in any way.

Nothing more to Ask For

I am sure that you have nothing more left to ask for regarding this mobile spy app but I have more to tell. StealthGenie works on all Android, iPhone and BlackBerry phones and you don’t even have to worry about any compatibility issues too. What are you waiting for? Start using StealthGenie and stay cheerful.