While we are waiting for the release of BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) for Android and iPhone, we get hint that BBM may also launch for Windows Phone 8 also. According to a recent report on The Mobile Indian, creator of BBM, Gary Klassen hinted them about the launch of BBM for Windows Phone 8 at an event in Hong Kong. Gary Klassen said “BBM will not be limited to Android and iOS. We are open to other platforms also. We want more and more people to enjoy and experience BBM.”

BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry is already working to release BBM for Android and iOS, and as of the statement by Gary Klassen, the only major mobile platform that remains is Windows Phone 8. It will be great if BlackBerry launches BBM for Windows Phone 8 to make it a successful cross-platform messenger.

BBM for Android and iPhone was scheduled to be released on September 21, but due to large number of activations prior to the release made BlackBerry delay the release. They also said that there are issues with the Android version of their BlackBerry Messenger service and therefore they are delaying release of the app for Android and iPhone. BlackBerry will now announce release date later sometime.

We hope to hear about the launch of WP8 version of BBM from BlackBerry soon. Would you like to have BBM on your Windows Phone 8 handset? Let us know in comments below.

SOURCEThe Mobile Indian