A Concept Animation has been released by a WPCentral Forum member qXerro who designed the presentation based on the hints about Windows Phone 8.1 aka Windows Phone Blue in previous reports, leaks and rumors.

Windows Phone 8.1 Blue Concept Animation

In the video it is being showcased that WP8.1 will include a new Notifications Tile that would show you the number of pending notifications. Toast notification can be previewed without leaving the current screen. But the concept animation also hints a flaw as there is only a notification tile that could only be accessed from the homescreen not while there is an app running. But the presence of an Asterisk on the status bar may alert a user that there are notifications pending so that the user can minimize running apps and check notifications, which is quiet logical but not user-friendly.

Menu screen also includes a Most Used and Moderately Used category that lists your most accessed apps listed within. There is also the addition of Me Hub that could be accessed by swiping right from the homescreen. It connects you to your configured social networks and would also allow you to change theme color. You can view the concept animation at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/55343799/WP/windowsphoneblue-ep1.html.

Did you like what you see in this Concept Animation of WP8.1? Share your views in comments below.