Angry Birds Go!

Rovio, today on their official blog has announced a new title which they are working on, the Angry Birds Go! The blog post suggests that Angry Birds Go will be the most “thrilling and action-packed game yet!”

Rovio says that it will an Angry Birds game but not how we knew it as. So, we can expect something new in store for Angry Birds fans. Rovio has also made a teaser website for the new title, which shows the words “Ready! Set! Go! Then a trail of red feathers appear and it says “Something NEW is coming!”

Rovio has made a number of popular game titles, including various Angry Birds game versions, Amazing Alex, Bad Piggies for all leading mobile platforms. All the titles are among the best games available on smartphones and tablets. And as Rovio claims Angry Birds Go will be the most thrilling and action-packed game yet, we expect the whole blogosphere will be flooded with news on the upcoming game. Check out the Angry Birds Go! Teaser on