AT&T Lumia 900 Windows Phone 7.8

Nokia started rolling out Windows Phone 7.8 update for their Lumia 900 smartphone in February, but that left out AT&T’s version of Lumia 900. Yesterday Nokia Care US in a tweet announced that the update is now also rolling for the AT&T version of Lumia 900.

The delayed roll-out of WP 7.8 update for AT&T Lumia 900 deceived the users for the second time, first is when there was a bug in the wireless data connection which was fixed later via an update. The WP 7.8 update does not have much to bring to the handset, it only updates the handset with the new Live Tiles of Windows Phone 8, improved lock screen security and ability to share internet connection. Users won’t see any big change to their device after the update. To get the update users are required to connect their phone to a PC or Mac and get the update via Zune software for PC or Windows Phone application for Mac.

Lumia 900 users may also be delighted to see a little change in their handset with only a few new added functions, or they may be thinking of switching their handset as Lumia 900 will never get any update after this WP 7.8 update. Probably a small patch to fix bugs may be released, but nothing more is expected as the handset is never gonna get to the Windows Phone 8 version. Users may even think of switching to any smartphone.