Today we’re going to look at five accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Accessories that are more than just “okay” or “functional”. Accessories that are frickin’ cool, that add a whole lot more than just “a bit of protection” or “charging”. Let’s do this!

5. Genuine Samsung S View Cover and Screen Protector


This is probably the most normal accessory on the list – I promise it gets crazier from here! The S View Cover is probably the coolest Galaxy S4 case on the market, because as well as being really thin and protecting the screen of your Galaxy S4 better than anything else, it has a clear plastic window cut into the front of it. A magnet embedded in the case lets the Galaxy S4 know when the case is attached, allowing it to show information just in that plastic window – everything from notifications and the current date and time to incoming calls. This means you don’t need to open your cover in order to take a call, check the time or see what the alert sound was – totally useful, battery saving and protective all in one.

4. Genuine Galaxy S4 Extra Battery Kit


This is another highly functional pack that includes two items: a spare battery for the Galaxy S4 and a charger for that battery. This pack allows you to take advantage of the Galaxy S4’s almost unique ability to remove its rear cover and access that battery easily, effectively doubling your battery life. And with both your original charger and the battery charger, you’ll be able to charge both batteries at once to ensure that you’re never caught out.

3. Genuine Samsung Game Pad


This item would be higher on the list if it were actually available at the moment. It’s an Xbox 360-like controller for the Galaxy S4 (and earlier Galaxy products) that connects automatically to your phone over Bluetooth whenever your phone is inserted, thanks to a hidden NFC tag. The controller gives you a console-like experience in racing, fighting and shooter games, as well as making for the perfect emulator experience.

2. Roadwarrior Car Holder, Charger and FM Transmitter


This three-in-one accessory gives you everything you need for in-car use, from a holder that keeps the Galaxy S4 easily visible, to a charger that keeps it topped up, to an FM transmitter that brings calls and music from your phone’s internal speaker to your in-car stereo without the need for Bluetooth. An excellent piece of kit that should be standard for anyone looking to listen to music, take calls or use GPS navigation in their car.

1. Genuine Samsung Smart Dock


This is the pièce-de-résistance of our list: a ridiculously capable Galaxy S4 dock that adds a massive amount of functionality to your phone. Anything you can think of that you’d like to be able to connect your Galaxy S4 to? We’ve got that, and more. Here’s what’s included:

  • HDMI port for connecting to HDTVs, monitors and projectors
  • 3.5 mm stereo jack for connecting to speakers
  • 3x USB ports for connecting USB drives, keyboards, mice and controllers
  • Micro USB port for syncing when connected to a PC
  • AC input for powering the dock

It’s an obscenely useful thing to have around, encompassing pretty much every possible wired connection in one device.


I hope that you’ve found these accessory selections useful. Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you had a great weekend! For more information on Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories, check by here soon. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to ask them in the comments below!