Lava XOLO A800

Good news for Xolo smartphone users, they can now expect the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for their smartphone soon. A spokesperson of Xolo Mobiles told The Mobile Indian that they will be rolling out Jelly Bean update for some of their Xolo smartphones. The update, as told by the spokesperson, is expected to start rolling over-the-air in next few days. Actual time of the roll-out is not revealed though.

Jelly Bean update for several of Xolo smartphones is already available but a user has to visit a service center to get the update. Xolo Mobiles, a part Lava International has announced that now they will roll-out the update over-the-air. As of now, Micromax and Lava Mobiles are the only Indian handset-makers who have released the Jelly Bean update for their smartphones. Xolo smartphones to get the Jelly Bean update are as listed below.

  • X1000
  • A1000
  • X500
  • Q800
  • A800

Sadly, Intel powered Xolo X900 is not among the list of smartphones that will get the Jelly Bean update. There are three Intel based Xolo handsets X900, X500 and the recently launched Xolo X1000. Among these Intel based Xolo phones, X900 which is the most popular Intel based smartphone in India is left out. We don’t know yet whether Xolo X900 will get the Jelly Bean update at all, or will remain at the Ice Cream Sandwich version. Stay tuned to our future updates to know more.

SOURCEThe Mobile Indian