It’s iPhone 5S rumour time! According to the well regarded Vietnamese site Tinhte, a source at the beautifully-named Wonderful Saigon Electrics company in Binh Duong has hooked them up with some exclusive information about the state of the iPhone 5S’ camera.

Apparently, the source stated that the new iPhone 5S will include a 12 megapixel sensor – a big jump from the 8 megapixel sensor on the current iPhone 5. Apple have indeed introduced a megapixel upgrade on each of their ‘S’ models thus far, so it stands to reason they’d do so again for the 5S. This need to upgrade is perhaps stronger now than it ever has been, given the advanced state of many Android flagships which currently ship with 13 megapixel units (in the case of the Galaxy S4 and Xperia Z).

The same source also stated that a new iPhone camera would come with better low-light performance – something that again has been a focus for Apple in the past, and remains a strength for the iPhone platform. This is achieved through the use of a lower aperture lens. Software optimisations are also likely, but weren’t remarked upon directly here.

Tinhte has certainly proved reliable in the past – it was the only outlet to correctly leak various iPhone 5 accessories like the EarPods, for instance – so while this isn’t a sure thing, it isn’t that far outside the realms of possibility either!

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