HP ElitePad

The latest configuration of this generation has grabbed the attention of the businessmen successfully as HP launched the ElitePad 900 with exceptional features and functions. This brand has been launched in India successfully to unlock the capacity of businessmen, and to improve and enhance their businesses in the first place. The HP ElitePad 900 possesses the best configuration which enhances the multi-tasking ability for work progress. This latest design of HP is certainly easy for the eye as well as for the hand. The tablet comes with numerous features and applications for conducting several businesses on its own. It tends to be the best companion and component of businessmen nowadays.

The 10.1 inch display tends to be the basic feature of this tablet with an impressive look, and a wider resolution, making it compatible with about x86 applications. The tablet runs the Windows 8 professional operating system which is the latest advanced technology and the most appreciated choice of the users these days. Regarding the comprehensive performance of this tablet, it is processed with the dual-core Intel Atom processor which unlocks the fastest performances for the businesses effectively with a clock speed of 1.8 GHz at best. The screen resolution is up to 1280 x 800 pixels. The tablet price in India is also quite nominal, having been launched  for Rs 43,500.

The memory storage capacity of this tablet is astounding. The brand contains the eMMC storage of 32 GB or 64 GB of massive capacity which can be further expanded with the microSD slot. The tablet also contains the 2 GB of RAM for smooth functioning along with the best operating system that also helps in adding multi-tasking performance especially for business. Other than this, the HP also claims the brand possessing a military grade construction like the EliteBook Notebooks. The design is typically based on the mobility as it weighs 0.63 kg, and the body is 9.2 mm thin.

The tablet particularly targets the business enterprises. It is also enhanced with 8 megapixel rear camera, and also comes up with an LED Flash technology. Looking deeper to have the ideas and information regarding the other features the tablet is comprised with, the connectivity package is remarkable. The tablet with 3G connection supports fast speeds that provide high rates of data transfer, wirelessly. Besides this, the tablet comes with an Expansion Jacket that will help in adding several ports, and also comes up with an extra battery which will certainly help users to carry on with the usage of the tablet for almost 19 hours.