Do you text a lot? What kind of Texter are you?


Texting is everyone’s favorite pastime in the tech world, with a smartphone in your hand you can communicate with just about anyone, anywhere, at any time. Thanks to technology, texts are your best friend. They can cheer you up when you are lonely or be a way of expressing something you couldn’t otherwise in any other communicative manner. You can also take on a whole new persona! Without even knowing it, texting technology can label you as a specific kind of texter, all depending on your texting style.

Sound a little strange to you? Well it isn’t strange at all since it is something rather on the unconscious side. Without knowing it, we all add a little bit of ourselves to our texts, something that helps others identify ourselves with it - even if they can’t read the sender’s name. So how can they tell it’s you? Well it could be a quirk you have like spelling your O’s with a 0 (zero) instead. Or most probably it could be the kind of general texter stereotype you fall under! What are they? Well they range from the married texters to the sporadic gangster ones. Some people are really wordy in their texts, fail to understand the idea behind ‘short message service’ and send out lengthy difficult to read messages.

Others are constantly engaged in texting their sweetheart only, and continue endless conversations of over the top sentiments. A lot of times you end up getting such messages by mistake and feel nauseous. But hey, what can you do if that’s what their texting is all about! And where the lengthy texter ends, there is the extremely savvy abrupt texter.

The one that is all Rapper style, writes in rap version slang that at times feels like a foreign language. In the days of T9 texting, these people never even bothered learning how to activate it! Then there are the late texters, those who can never hold up a conversation or let alone decent response because of extremely late replies. These may irk you the most or who knows, you may be one of them! Read the infographic to figure out what kind of texter you are! Or maybe you can help us out in expanding the list with texters you think we’ve missed out on!

Text Messaging Habits We All Hate
Text Messaging Infographic is developed by: MobiStealth