Google Play Books

Android users in India now can also get the Google Play Books store where you can buy your favorite titles to read on your smartphone or tablet. You can get the Google Play Books store from Google Play Store for free, but to read books on your phone or tablet you need to buy books from inside the Play Books Store app.

Google Play Books has a huge database of books from around the world, you can look for books starting from Rs 50. All the titles that you will buy from your Play Books store will be available everywhere on your tablet, phone and PC via your Google account.

In India, those who prefer a tablet for reading might now prefer to get an Android tablet over an iPad as Apple has not launched their iBooks store in India yet while Google has now launched their Play Books Store app in India. If you would like to get the Google Play Books Store for your Android phone/tablet visit Google Play Store.

Stay tuned to read our review of the Google Play Books app, which we will be publishing soon.