Top 5 Travel Apps for iOS

Good morning folks! Today we’ll be looking at five of the best travel apps for iOS. I’ve been travelling a lot recently – in a continual triangle between Bristol, Brighton and Birmingham, with some side trips up near Hadrian’s Wall – and these are the apps that have made my life the easiest.

5. Packing Pro (£1.99)

Most journeys begin way before you actually leave the house – but thankfully there’s an app for that. One of the most useful trip planning apps is called Packing Pro. It’s essentially a specialised to-do list for packing, allowing you to choose items to pack from an exhaustive database. Of course, you can also add your own items to pack. Each item is automatically categorised, too. As well as including thinks to pack, you also get more general tasks to do, like reserving rooms or buying tickets. The app’s look is customisable, although the default option seemed the nicest.

4. SeatGuru (Free)

Travelling by plane can sometimes be a crapshoot, based on what seat you choose. In order to give yourself the best possible seat, you can use an app called SeatGuru that rates each seat. It’ll have information on legroom, window positioning, storage space, personal entertainment stations and the like. The app didn’t seem well designed, but the information provided makes it worthwhile.

3. Fuel Monitor (£1.49)

Fuel Monitor is a rather clever app that shows you real-time fuel consumption as you’re driving. The app relies on a database of car statistics, so it’s just a case of inputting your car’s stats – manufacturer, model, year – as well as the cost of gas in your area and the units on everything that you want. Once that initial setup is concluded, it’s just a case of hitting start and stop. Whether you’re travelling to your Hadrian’s Wall accomodation or the supermarket, it’s definitely a worthwhile app to use.

2. Airbnb (Free)

One of the best parts of my trip to the north of England was staying in the Cumbria cottage, and I hadn’t have found it if it wasn’t for Airbnb. While the name suggests otherwise, the app contains a wide range of bed and breakfast establishments across the world, all nicely cross-referenced and reviewed and ready for you to make a private booking.

1. Hipmunk Flight & Hotel Search (Free)

Hipmunk, the travel site launched by former Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman, has recently produced a mobile app to access its rich database in the same user-friendly way as its website. The app will return flight results by Hipmunk’s famous Agony Index, which rate each flight based on its length, layovers and ticket prices. The hotel component of the app is similarly well designed, with good results coming in response to just a few inputs. It’s a very well put together app that provides a much nicer interface for mobile users than you’d find on mobile Safari.


So there you have it – five brilliant travel apps for iOS. Thanks for reading and be sure to share your own favourites in the comments below!

  • tornstrom

    Another app worth mentioning is NetStash. It lets you download web pages for reading later when you’re in airplane-mode.

    It works really well and is a great alternative to buying news papers, magazines or the often overpriced or non-existent onboard WiFi.

    It doesn’t only give you the front page of the site, it also saves all articles that links from that page. You get hours of reading and entertainment in no time.

  • Sumit

    Nice to have an app suggestion. We will try it and may publish a review of the app. Thanks for letting us know about the app.

  • Emmy

    Thank you for sharing these travel apps! I’ll have to try all of them out soon since they will be very useful on the business trips I take for my job at DISH. One of my all time favorite travel apps is actually DISH Anywhere. It’s great for entertainment for flight delays and such because it lets me watch all of my shows from home, live or from off my DVR, everywhere I go in the world. It’s not just for entertainment either, since I am a TV junkie, and love the fact that I can keep up with my shows even when I’m half way across the country.

  • Shopgirl2012

    My new favourite travel app is Simply Declare. Finally an app which helps me! My husband and I travel abroad frequently, and I always stress figuring out what we have bought and needs to be declared upon our return to the states. This app is easy, take a picture and keep sour values in real time currency rates. We can even hop from country to country always exchanging back to the USD. Thanks for making life easier for me.