BlackBerry 10 Launch

Yesterday Research In Motion launched their BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system, along with it two of the handsets that will run the new mobile OS. RIM also renamed themselves as BlackBerry so as to reflect their brand. We have heard earlier that BlackBerry will have some new features, namely the Time Shift Camera, BlackBerry Flow, BlackBerry 10 Keyboard, BlackBerry Hub and the new BBM video chat with screen-sharing. We were introduced with these features before the launch of BlackBerry 10 yesterday. Let’s tell you about some of the great features of BlackBerry 10.

Time Shift Camera

BlackBerry introduces their Time Shift mode for Camera where you can take pictures and select the best face in the photo by selecting a face and using the time-shift dial you can see which face will look perfect. Select the best face using the time-shift dial and bring out a perfect photo.

BlackBerry 10 Keyboard

We already know about the new BlackBerry 10 Keyboard which gives you suggestions on the word that you may use next. The good thing about the new keyboard is that the suggestions does not appear on top of the keyboard, instead they appear within the keyboard over the keys, just swipe the suggestion up and you get the word on the screen.

BlackBerry Hub

This feature is something that you will admire. With BlackBerry Hub you can get all the notifications, messages and notifications at a single place. Just swipe up then swipe right and you have all your notifications and updates right in front of you. You can revert to a particular email, message or chat right from the BlackBerry Hub. So, no more navigating to the menu or looking for an app to get the update or send a reply, you just go to the BlackBerry Hub and get all the updates that you want.

BlackBerry Flow and Peek

BlackBerry Flow is what makes the user-interface looks nice, it lets users to switch seamlessly between apps making the multitasking easier on the BlackBerry devices. Peek allows you to have a peek at an app while staying on the current app you are using.

BlackBerry Balance

The BlackBerry Balance feature allows you to keep your work and personal data separate. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 keeps your work data secure and separate from the personal data on your phone. BlackBerry Hub gives access to your work and personal emails and conversations at the same place while keeping the work and personal data separate. You can also delete your work data without affecting the personal data on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

BBM Video Chat

BlackBerry 10 also brings along the new BBM Video Chat with screenshare technology. As the name suggests the new BBM allows video chat with your friends and colleagues. Not only this, the new BBM allows you to share your screen with your friends and colleagues, they can access the apps on your phone while the screen is shared with them.

That’s all about the new features of the BlackBerry 10 platform. We will let you know more about the BlackBerry 10 OS in our future updates. Have something to share with us about the new BlackBerry 10 OS? Do let us know in comments below.