Sources familiar with Nokia’s plans have reported The Verge that Nokia is working on their next PureView smartphone, Nokia EOS. Sources claim that Nokia EOS will be first Windows Phone to feature real PureView technology. It will have the similar sensor we saw in Nokia 808 PureView. Nokia EOS will be a high-end handset and will have aluminium body instead of the polycarbonate that Nokia used in recent Lumia devices.

It is reported that AT&T will launch Nokia EOS on their network later this year. Earlier reports said that Nokia has plans to launch new line of Lumia handsets that will have aluminium body. Out of these new Lumia devices one will be a high-end handset which will serve as replacement to Lumia 920 as Nokia’s flagship device. The handset that will retire Lumia 920 from the flagship has been codenamed Catwalk and will have a much slimmer and lighter build compared to Lumia 920.

All this means we will get to see new fresh designs and features in future Nokia Lumia handsets. So stay tuned to know more about future Lumia handsets.

VIAThe Verge