Jelly Bean for Galaxy S III

Good news for the Galaxy S III users on AT&T’s network, they can now upgrade their device to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. AT&T started rolling out the update today and made the announcement on their Consumer Blog. The update is not available over-the-air, you can only get the Jelly Bean update for your Galaxy S III via Samsung Kies.

Jelly Bean update for AT&T’s version of Galaxy S III brings new features including Google Now, enhanced notifications where you can return missed and emails directly from the notifications panel, camera features like pause/resume video recording, low light photo mode that allows you to click quality low light photos. The new upgrade also allows to resize Pop-up-play windows, and the new Blocking mode allows users to disable notifications, incoming calls and alarms for certain period of time.

To get the update you need to connect your phone to a Windows PC or Mac via USB cable and make sure Samsung Kies recognizes you device. Once your device connects a pop-up will appear that prompts you for an update available for your phone. Click Update and follow the instructions that appears on the screen. For detailed information visit