Galaxy Nexus coming soon to India

Earlier this year in May when Samsung was about to unveil their Galaxy S III smartphone, the handset-maker reported via their twitter page that the Galaxy Nexus will not be launched in India. While checking the Google Nexus India page, we found it to be featuring the Galaxy Nexus smartphone along with a Register Now button, though the registration page says that it has been expired or reached maximum registration limit.

Earlier today while going through the RSS feeds in the reader, I came across the Samsung India News feed, which also had an item with title “[ Galaxy Nexus ] The Possibilities are calling” dated September 13th, 2012, that pointed to the official Galaxy Nexus page on Samsung India website, but the page was later lifted from the website. See the screenshot of the feed below.

Galaxy Nexus on Samsung India News RSS

Guys at BGR India reported in their recent post that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone was seen at a Samsung Store in Bangalore, to which a Samsung spokesperson said that they have never launched the device in India. Galaxy Nexus was spotted at the Samsung Store in Bangalore by a twitter user @lastavenger, who also uploaded a photo of the device that was on sale for Rs 25,900.

Could this mean that the Galaxy Nexus smartphone is going to launch in India? Among the previous Nexus devices, the first Nexus device from HTC never made it to India, Nexus S was launched in India when the device was almost out of the league of latest Android phones. For Galaxy Nexus it has already been reported that it will never launch in India, but recent RSS of Samsung India and Google Nexus India featuring the Galaxy Nexus smartphone hints that it is going to launch in India soon.

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