Nexus Tablet

An ASUS representative has told Android Authority at Computex that Google is going to unveil their Nexus Tablet at the end of June, which could probably mean at the Google I/O later this month.

The Nexus Tablet has been reported previously to be 7-inches and will be powered by NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor. It will be offered to the customers at a price range of $150-$250. This could possibly mean that the Google Nexus Tablet, called Nexus 7 will be carrying NVIDIA’s recently announced Kai quad-core platform. The ASUS representative remained silent to reveal any other details.

Recently revealed benchmarks indicated the tablet will be running Android 4.1, which is believed to the Jelly Bean version of Android OS. We are now anticipating the launch of the Nexus Tablet at the Google I/O later this month. We expect that the information is indeed true.

VIA: SlashGear; SOURCE: Android Authority