Nokia Lumia Windows 8 Tablet

In an unconfirmed report on Digitimes it is revealed that Nokia is planning to release their Windows 8 based tablet in fourth quarter of this year. According to the reports the tablet will be built on a dual-core Qualcomm chipset to compete with the iPad. If the tablet is launched in the fourth quarter of this year, then it will be the first tablet to feature Window 8 mobile operating system.

The Nokia Tablet should have all the quality standards to compete with the iPad. With Windows running in the Lumia handsets Nokia has made a giant leap and became the top Windows Phone vendor leaving HTC and Samsung behind. With huge response from consumers for the new Nokia Lumia handsets, the company has very good chances to receive positive feedback for Nokia Lumia Tablet. But for this Nokia should built a tablet with the same quality standards as Lumia 800 and Lumia 900.

As of the current tablet market, iPad is the dominant one followed by Kindle Fire and Nook tablet. It is believed that the Nokia Tablet will be far much better than the Android tablets available in the market.

If the reports from Digitimes turns to be correct and the tablet is launched in fourth quarter of this year, then the Nokia Tablet will have to compete with the iPad and a new Kindle Fire. But if the launch is pushed until 2013, then the tablet will have to fight for the market share against the iPad and Kindle Fire.

SOURCE: Digitimes VIA: TechCrunch